Hand Held Explosive Detector  -  Trace Pro
TRACE - PRO is highly cost effective hand held explosive detector, this hand hand explosive weapon detector has unique re-usable consumables, exceptional battery life, and minimal training and maintenance requirements. TRACE - PRO hand held weapon detector utilises Smiths Detection's proprietary and proven non-radioactive miniaturised Ion Mobility Sectrometry (IMS) detection technology, resulting in a device that is readyu to met today's trace explosive detection challenges.

Feature Highlights: 
  • Fast, accurate answer within 10 seconds
  • Non - radioactive IMS technology
  • Unique probe-based sampling technique; no gloves or swab tins
  • On-board camdra and GPS for evidence collection
  • Only explosives detector using commercial AA batteries
Technical Specifications:
  • Technology                     Advanced, miniaturised, non radioactive IMS, including onboad dopant switching technology
  • Size                                 205 X 150 X 90mm ( 8 x 5.9 x 3.5in)
  • Weight                            1.7 Kg including battries
  • Explosives Detected      AN, Sulphur (black powder/gun powder), DNT, HMTD, NG, PETN, RDX, Tetryl and TNT  
  • Sensitivity                       Low ng Level
Given cost is basic cost, taxes, freight, installation and other charges will be extra as actual
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