6 Zone Door Frame Metal Detector - PE MZ6
PE MZ - 6 is a high performance 6 ZoneDoor Frame Metal Detector. Each detection zone functions as an independent detector and automatically increases discrimination  by   reducing the cumulative signal effect caused by distributed harmless objects. This 6 Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector is an ideal and low cost door frame metal detector in its class. It is best multi-zone door frame metal detector for embassies, airports, stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals etc. 
  • Auto tune with side panel search coils
  • Six horizontal zones to indicate detection 
  • Highly sensitive for weapon search
Technical Specifications: 
Format Side Panels without base bridge
Constructions PVC composite material through special                           production process   
Display Large LED display panel
Zones Six over-lapping zones
Sensitivity 99 levels for each detecting zone
Technology Digital / Analogy and left right balance of signal prevents false omitted alarm
Alarm Visual alarm along the height of the column on left and right gateposts.
Protection Password allow the authorized person for the operation
Counter Intelligent counter displays traffic flow and alarm
Power Supply 90 – 240V AC Mains
Transit Rate Up to 70 persons/min
Outer Dimension 2200 x 800 x 500mm
Inner Dimension 2010 x 700 x 500mm
Weight 70 kgs.
Optional Extra Battery Backup & Remote Control

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